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Build personalised experiences with direct email marketing campaigns. Nurture long-term relationships with your customers by integrating email marketing software automation, ensuring your customers receive relevant content that drives your sales forward.

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Email communication remains one of the most effective forms of direct marketing, with over 90% of emails being delivered to consumers. Our process focuses heavily on content relevance, nurturing user experiences across your sales funnel to create opportunities which deliver on average a 3,800% increase in marketing ROI.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Email campaign & workflow management
  • Marketing automation setup/ drip emails
  • Customer retention & loyalty
  • Audience segmentation and list management
  • Detailed email & analytics reporting
    • Open rates & engagement monitoring
    • Conversions and lead generation
    • Content optimisation

We all use email every day, however how often do you truly engage with it? Users have become more aware to the different types of emails they receive, so it’s important to stay relevant to each user you send to. But how do you do this at scale?

We use email marketing automation strategies to send specific emails to users based on their own personal online experiences. This ensures that your email marketing strategy remains fresh and personal for each of your customers, encouraging user engagement and user retention. Did we mention that we also automate this process entirely, removing any reliance for manual email sends to be done?

Email Personalisation:
Increase clicks, engagement, and conversions by automating your user follow up email marketing campaigns. Target users specifically based on their browsing activity, sales history, and inactivity to create a better (and less intrusive) brand experience overall.
Audience Segmentation:
Collect audience data in real-time based on their website browsing actions. Identify users who express interests in specific products and target them with personal recommendations, content, and promotions to drive your sales numbers higher.
Dynamic User Content:
using data intelligence and audience insights, personalise your email marketing content for each individual user based on their current & historical brand touch-points.

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