How to increase Sales with Marketing Automation

marketing automation to drive sales

For smaller businesses, time is of the essence when it comes to sales and business development. Being able to identify a prospect and engage their interests at the exact moment they interact with your brand is proven to deliver a higher ratio of sales. But how can a small business owners take advantage of this whilst covering a wide array of business operations?

As marketers, we constantly look for ways to evolve business strategies through the means of optimisation, data analysis, audience segmentation and  production quality to achieve a higher ROI and quality of lead. Technology integrations and industry advancements allow us to better engage audience segments across a portfolio of digital marketing offerings with tailored messaging focused on boosting engagement and retaining interest, but how do you scale strategically? Enter marketing automation.

67% of market leaders use some form of software automation in their day-to-day strategy, and the number if growing with good reason. (Salesforce) Modern marketing automation strategies feed into a combination of new & existing customers that exist in your current CRM/ database, and are used to nurture users in a state of retention, cross-sale, loyalty, promotional activity and sales. In fact, nearly 90% of agencies recommend it in their strategy plans. (SharpSpring) With engagement being the key focus, it’s important to ensure content is tailored to maximise interest and consideration. Over 74% of business owners have states that they identify with the time saving benefits of marketing automation with 68% stating that customer engagement is simplified (source). The end result of a solid marketing automation strategy leads to several benefits including;

  • Improved targeting & messaging
  • Email workflow management
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Personalised Content/ Experiences
  • Prospect Engagement/ Lead Nurturing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Drip Feed Marketing
  • Cost Efficiency/ ROI Gains
  • Lead scoring/ Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Marketing automation is not new to the marketing scene, however it’s use cases and technology integrations have advanced to make it a seamless integration into your marketing plans that can help nurture your leads into sales with minimal effort and give you the advantage.

At Isojam, we use marketing automation in a variety of ways to bolster our clients business operations and marketing standards. By feeding into a client’s CRM/database we gain the ability to map a communication workflow that fully nurtures the individual customers needs throughout their digital journey on a variety of levels. Data collected from workflow automation can then be fed through into paid media channels to create unified re-marketing campaigns that follow a user’s activity online and adapt to their interests whilst updating the CRM record at the same time. We additionally automate team collaboration in real-time to nurture leads that re-engage with your business, uniting your sales and marketing team to maximise sales output.

(Autopilot marketing automation sample journey)

There is no single solution when it comes to marketing automation and user workflow. Every business automation strategy is defined by the touch-points outlined in their business structure and operational guidelines, however there is still a benefit to automating your lead generation and customer engagement to fit with your business objectives.


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