Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Makes Sense

Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Makes Sense

When it comes to marketing, most people don’t know where to start. Depending on your business needs, developing an internal marketing team can be time consuming and costly when it comes to salaries and overheads, and then there’s the process of dealing with your internal operations and business standards. Before you know it, something simple can become quite complicated.

This is where outsourcing your digital marketing services becomes an viable option.

As your business grows it’s natural to identify new opportunities and strategies to remain competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market. Many businesses outsource their digital marketing services to marketing agencies in lieu of fully developing an in-house team to aid in this process, however ultimately the decision lies on your business plans moving forward.

We’ve  compiled some of the top reasons why you should consider working with a digital marketing agency.  

1. Trained Marketing Experts

Finding top talent can be challenging, especially when 72.8% of market leaders struggling to find relevant candidates in their hiring process. Establishing and hiring a team can be even tougher whilst also recruiting for the diverse range of skills required to build a successful marketing campaign. Such skills include Design, Production, Analytics, SEO, Paid Search, Social Marketing, Copy-writing, and Digital Strategy just to name a few.

The primary benefit of working with an established digital marketing agency is that they have already have the teams and skills established to nurture your brand and business marketing objectives. This means that you have access to a range of services to handle all aspects of marketing to accelerate your business growth plans. Not only do you have a team of experts on call, but you have a team of experts who are constantly adapting and growing with the industry too.

2. Smart Budget Distribution

As a business, you set aside a budget for marketing growth and your business KPI’s, however without insights and market intelligence it can be hard to know where to best invest your budget. There are countless websites and blogs telling you how to best spend your marketing dollars, however what works for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another. This is where a marketing agency can best help with how to segment your marketing budget and generate the strongest returns on your investment.

Through in-depth research and development, marketing experts can assess what channels are best for your brand and how to distribute budget to maximise efficiency. At isojam, we create adaptive marketing strategies that grow with your business, having developed a series of tools and processes to manage your budget. Essentially, you set the monthly budget and your objectives and let the marketing agency handle the rest. We’ll then review performance together on a monthly basis.

3. Reduce your Cost & Risk

Did you know the average cost of a marketing manager in Australia is $79,228/ annum? Now add the costs associated to superannuation, training, development, recruitment fee’s etc on top of this. Your team of 5+ channel experts now costs in excess of $400,000+ per annum just to run the show, and let’s not get into the risk of staff leaving if you invest in the wrong person.

Outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency can help reduce the cost of hiring a full in-house team, and the operational costs & overheads that come with it. Agencies operate under their own business operations and standards that ensure you get someone with the right experience, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business. For example; at isojam we operate on an account management system with a centralised marketing contact for each client. This acts as an extension of your own business, essentially having your own marketing team to work with. Hire an agency and get the best of both worlds, and avoid the headaches.

4. The Latest Technology & Trends

In the marketing world, technology adapts and changes every 3-6 months. Between Google and Facebook updating their algorithms frequently, the industry as a whole moves pretty fast. A major advantage to working with a marketing agency is their ties to these channels that impact your marketing performance and opportunities.

For example; at isojam we work directly with Google as a premier partner, and have access to the latest marketing trends, insights, and BETA features ahead of others. We also get the latest updates to ensure we stay one step ahead of the curve, giving you the competitive edge.

5. Ongoing Education & Training

Digital marketing can be a confusing space to work in, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s a good idea to work with an agency to help guide you on the best path and provide you with some training and education. Most agencies will do this as a part of their service and pitch process, especially with an ongoing marketing strategy in play.

We regularly conduct Search 101’s with our clients to educate them on the processes involved in what we do and why, as well as educate on developing industry trends. On any given day, your average marketing expert may use up to 50+ abbreviations/ terms that just casually roll off the tongue.

Do you know how your SERP’s PLA’s CTR can deliver an improved CPA through improved UX & CTA? Working with an agency will ensure you’re speaking the same language.

6. Unbiased Creativity & Synergy

One of the biggest advantages of working with a marketing agency is the collaboration and creativity that agency’s offer. Retaining your marketing efforts in-house can lead to tunnel-vision and internal bias based on your teams experience and management structure. Digital marketing agencies thrive on synergy and creative collaboration to deliver unique customer experiences that are bespoke to your brand.

As marketing experts, our job is to deliver the best results and return on your investment to help your business grow. We do this by combining our industry expertise, and the latest technology to provide you with a marketing strategy that is on brand, tailored, and cost-effective.

It’s not uncommon today to find businesses of all sizes outsourcing their digital marketing needs to agencies. Several businesses in fact also continue to outsource their marketing to agencies whilst developing their own internal operations and marketing foundations. This typically see’s marketing agencies working directly with a single point of contact on all things marketing related. Whatever your setup is, the flexibility and benefits of working with an agency will allow your business to grow efficiently…as well as provide a fresh and creative perspective to your business development plans. 


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