Gain the Advantage with Marketing Automation

Believe it or not, but marketing automation has been around for quite some time. We’ve used it in several ways from automating our email communications, increasing our bidding strategies in paid search, and even activating our ads promoting holiday destinations when the weather outside is less desirable. There are however some major changes in the way marketing automation is used in modern marketing strategies that can save you time and money, whilst also cutting down on your resources.

1. The Value of User Data

We all live in a multi-channel, device agnostic world, where data intelligence is still king. Marketing automation has evolved beyond simple cookie tags and basic re-marketing to unite technologies and marketing platforms through common data triggers such as email and phone numbers. We can now target known users across channels whilst retaining relevancy to both brand and the users personal experience, updating the users journey in real-time as they engage and interact with your brand along the way.

What does this mean? Improved brand awareness that creates ongoing & adaptive brand experiences based on your customers current state of mind.

We utilise industry leading technology such as AutoPilot & Zapier to fully harness your marketing automation potential and integrate our strategies with your primary business solutions. The outcome creates a cost-effective and seamless integration of user data that evolves as your customers do.

2. Audience Segmentation & User Insights

User data is only one small component of any strong marketing campaign. If you’re serious about marketing automation then you need to ensure it’s always on and always learning. Audience segmentation is the key to understanding what your customers are interested in, and giving them exactly what they want. We refer to it as Customer Relevancy (otherwise known as contextual relevancy). Identifying users based on cookie data is simple enough and has been around for a while, but what about adapting to consumers’ needs in real-time?

At isojam, we encourage technology integration to streamline not only your marketing plans but your business operations too. Ever thought about integrating your CRM with your marketing plans to retain any lapsed customers who haven’t purchased in 6 months? How about segmenting your new vs. existing customers to drive different types of messages in market to each user? The opportunities are endless, however we firmly believe that a creative marketing strategy is one that utilises every opportunity to its full advantage.

3. Focus on Smarter User Engagement

By now you should know how marketing automation can help segment your audiences in real-time and create personalised marketing strategies, but what about what really matters? How do you use marketing automation to drive sales & conversions? Simple, focus on consistency and seamless user experiences that adapt with the customer and maximise your customers sales revenue & lifetime value. Ensuring that each touchpoint your customers interact with is dynamic, personalised, and relevant to their state of mind keeps them aware.

Did you know that in 2018, 48% of consumers moved away from brands they were once loyal to in favor of a competitor because they didn’t receive a personalised experience? Let marketing automation help you with those user retention rates and continue to grow your business in 2019 and beyond.

How we can help

At Isojam, we’ve been using marketing automation strategies with our clients for years and have grown up in the space. We regularly work with a series of professional marketing automation tools such as Zapier and AutoPilot to create integrated marketing plans for our clients. In addition to this we also work with our clients existing CRM’s to establish the best action based strategy to maximise potential.


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